Ring Stewarding

Ring Steward 101

Susan Moran USEF “R” Technical Delegate

Ring Stewards

DR.126.1l (3) Schooling and warm-up areas MUST be monitored by stewards starting at least 30 minutes before the first schedule ride.

Ring stewards are there to assist the competitor not “baby them”. Competitors should check in with the steward. The steward will put a check next to competitor’s name and then when the competitor goes into the ring put a line thru the check. The steward is the only person who knows that a ride was done. The steward is not required to run down the competitor to get them into the ring. It is the competitor’s responsibility to get to the ring on time.


Bit Checking

DR.126.1l (1) Management MUST appoint ring stewards to check saddler and inspect bits and spurs, on both sides of the horse, in each class at the direction of the technical delegate and in accordance with DR 121.9

DR.121.9 Ring stewards appointed by competition management MUST check saddler and inspect bits and spurs on both sides of the horse for at least 1/3 of horses in each class. Inspection of saddler and bits MUST be done immediately as the horse leaves the arena.

DR.126.1 I (4) The bit inspector MUST use a new disposable protective glove for each horse.


Abuse (anything that makes you “take back”)

Excessive whipping, kicking and pulling on the mouth is considered abuse and MUST be stopped. If the Technical delegate is not present the ring steward has the authority to stop it. Approach the competitor in a polite manner and request the abuse be stopped or the steward will call the T.D.

Dangerous Riding or Misbehaving Horse

Handle like abuse situation above.

Safety Concerns

DR 120.12 When the only warm-up available is open to all horses, riders with safety concerns are encouraged to wear an orange vest.

DR 121.8

Driving or long reining is prohibited in warm-up arenas.

A lunge line MUST attach only to the snaffle bit of the bridle, halter or caveson and go directly to the hand of the longer.

Running martingales MUST be free to slide on the reins. The rings through which the reins slide may not be connected to a neck strap.