Professional Grant Information


For  2015, the Kentucky Dressage Association (KDA) will award one grant of $750 to one professional  member in good standing with the club. Good standing means that 2015 club dues were paid in full, 2016 club dues have been paid and eight volunteer hours have been accumulated by the applicant or donated by a student, client or family member. Use of the grants shall be restricted to dressage education related activities. These may include lessons, attendance at a clinic or symposium, etc.  The grants may not be used to purchase tack, clothing or feed; make trailer payments; farm payments; for feed; attend a non-dressage educational activity, etc. The grants must be used by December 31, 2016. If you are not able to use the grant money by December 31, 2016, KDA requests that it be returned in order to benefit another member for the following year’s lottery.

Applicants must complete an application that will be reviewed by the KDA Education Committee. They must also provide proof of Professional status by either (1) providing a copy of their USEF Professional card or (2)  documentation in the application showing they belong in the professional category. Applications will be reviewed to ensure that they conform to the spirit and intent of the Grant’s purpose.


If more than one approved application is received, the winner will be selected by random drawing by a non-board member at the Annual Meeting and Awards Banquet to be held in February of  2016,  at The Lexington Country Club, Lexington, Kentucky.  Additional entries will be handled as follows-

  • Each personal four hours of volunteer time will be counted as one entry with a maximum of four entries per applicant (i.e., if you have 20 personal, non-donated volunteer hours, your name will go into the drawing four times the original entry plus your 3 extra entries) for purposes of the lottery selection.
  • “Donated” volunteer hours may be used for application purposes so long as the hours where completed by a client, student or family member but not for additional drawing entries.
  • Volunteer hours earned from October 31, 2014 through November 1, 2015 will be counted for the 2015 grant. (See the volunteer form on the KDA website for ways to earn volunteer hours for future drawings.)

Acceptance of a grant obligates the recipient to write an article for the KDA newsletter within 2 months of the conclusion of their training. The article should describe how the grant was used and how it benefited the recipient. Additionally, the trainer or clinic/symposium organizer must confirm in writing that the training occurred or was attended. KDA will also have the right to publish photos in the newsletter or for future advertising if it so chooses.

$375 will be given to the recipient upon award. The remaining $375 will be given upon receipt of the article for the KDA newsletter and all required documentation is received and approved by the Education Chair.

Applications must be submitted by FEBRUARY 1, 2016.  Please click here for an application form.