KDA JR/YR Letterman Jacket Program

Purpose: To award the high school/college equestrian athlete for their hard work and perseverance in one of the most difficult sports known to man.  Where the communication between horse and rider must be unmistakably clear to achieve synchronization and harmony.


: Training-Grand Prix

Award: Badge, Jacket, Embroidery


  1. Applicant must be a current KDA Member.
  2. Applicant must be enrolled in high school/college.
  3. Two scores achieved at two KDA sanctioned shows as follows:  60%+ at each level
  4. The volunteer hours are the same as for the year-end awards.
  5. Participant must be under 22 years of age when the scores were earned.
  6.  Scores must be achieved in current or year just prior to the current year.

The program will cost $25.00 for the initial application (to get the jacket with embroidery, etc.).  
Thereafter, the program will provide added embroidered icons at no charge.


Pictured:  Tori Retamoza, Rebekah Mingari, and Kristin Posner.

To download a KDA JR/YR Letterman Jacket Program application form, please visit the KDA Forms page  click here.