KDA College Scholarship Application


Only one scholarship is awarded annually to a KDA JR/YR member in good standing with the club. Good standings means that club dues are paid in full. Use of the scholarship shall be restricted to Undergrad College/University funds. Proof of enrollment as a full-time student is required. The check will be made out to the accredited college or university. The winner will be awarded at the year end award banquet and the scholarship must be used within one calendar year.

Application and attachments must be completed for consideration. The KDA Education Committee will review all completed applications. The applicant must provide proof of Jr/Yr status by either (1) providing a copy of their USEF Jr/Yr card or (2) signing a statement if they are not members of USEF. Application will be reviewed to ensure they conform to the spirit and intent of the scholarship’s purpose.

Essay: Please write a one or two page paper typed about how achieving your college degree will enable you to give back to the equine industry. Please restrain from using either you or your horses’ name in the essay.

Application and essay must be submitted by December 1st.

To download an application form click here.