2013 Awards Winners


KDA Competitors’ Rewards Program Winners

KDA Competitors’ Rewards Program Winners will be drawn. These are competitors who showed in all 3 or 4 of our 2013 shows and their names have been put in this basket once. If they shows in 3 of the 4 shows they receive 3 chances and if they showed in all 4 of our shows, 4 chances. We will draw 3 winners.

1st Prize -Selena Pape
2nd Prize -Vicki Warren
3rd Prize -Rallie McAllister

$750 Open Grant Winner – Laura Corsentino

$750 AA Scholarship Winners -Karen Taylor, Kathryn Felice and Katherine Short

$750 JR/YR Scholarship Winner – Madison Deaton

JR/YR Jacket Presentations

  • Updated Jacket – Training Level Patch Lindsey Howland & Alexa Azar
    First Level Patch- Madison Deaton
    Second Level Patch- Allison Reed
    Fourth Level Patch- Rebekah Mingari

President’s Cup Award

Given to the single highest percentage ride by a KDA member in good standing at the KDA Annual Spring Show

Winner – Linda Strine riding Silhouette at First 3 with a score of 76.77%

Merry Midnight Award

To recognize a member who has contributed the most in a non-rider capacity

Winner – Sandy Kraatz

Merry Sunshine Award

To recognize a junior member who has contributed the most in a non-rider capacity

Winner- Rebekah Mingari

WAAG Memorial Award

Awarded to the highest scoring AA (excluding Intro and Freestyle scores) in memory of Jeff and Julie Cook’s gelding, Waag

Winner -Michelle Morehead  74.668%
2nd -Rachael Hicks  72.764%
3rd -Cariann Wlosinski 72.161%
4th -Jackie Beasley  67.673%
5th – Catherine Jacob 67.67%
6th – Maureen Sullivan 66.124%

Cloudy Memorial Award
Awarded to the highest scoring Jr (excluding Intro and Freestyle scores) in memory of Jeff and Julie Cook’s pony, Cloudy (average high score)

JR/YR Champion – Alexa Azar  68.089%
JR/YR Reserve Champion – Meredith Talley  67.751%
JR/YR 3rd Place – Rebekah Mingari  66.263%
JR/YR 4th Place – Cassandra Hummert-Johnson  66.068%
JR/YR 5th Place – Madison Deaton  65.678%
JR/YR 6th Place – Allison Reed  673.321


Open Champion – Susan Posner  74.562
Open Reserve Champion – Linda Strine 73.609
Open 3rd Place – Angela Jackson 72.279
Open 4th Place – Jennifer Truett  72.216
Open 5th Place – Rebecca Nelles 72.119%
Open 6th Place – Jennifer Truett  71.668%


Champion – Simply Red  75.55
Reserve – DBL. Fantasy 71.796
3rd-Brunswik  70.8


Champion – Qalypso  79.94
Reserve – Barretta Woods 121  73.894
3rd– Rabinna 121  73.513
4th– Beldon CCF 72.5
5th– Kotori CCF 69.771


Champion -Easton 73.967
Reserve – Gor-Don-Bleu  73.64


Winner – Michelle Morehead 74.668%
2nd – Susan Posner 74.562%
3rd  – Catherine Jacob 67.67%
4th– Maureen Sullivan 66.124%
5th- Audrey Narducci 65.131%
6th- Sharon Jones 63.822%

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