Dressage Show Scoring

Getting Started

Set up all machines. Have enough paper, laptops and battery powered adding machines.

Set up Ring/Class sorting area. Have enough scorers!! Have a file box or open slanted metal file /_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/ to hold class tests.

Divide classes by ring.

Set up staging areas. Have a flow, runner puts tests in the IN box.

Check with the TD. Have any rules changed? Are you going to break ties? Local rules? USEF rules? How are you going to break ties? Collective mark? if they are the same,  they are tied.

Scoring Tests

Glance over each test before you start. Are scores in every box? Is there a  decimal after every number…6.0 or 6.5? Has the judge signed the score sheet? Is there a change in a number? Has the judge crossed it out and initialed it?

Fill in all the coefficients and errors. If there is a “voice” error, the first voice error is minus 2 points. If there is a second voice error, and the score for that movement is 4 and no comment, you might check with the judge to see if he/she already has taken off another two points. The judge has the discretion to take off more than 2 points for the second voice error. It is not cause for elimination, just a much lower score. Errors are scored differently. First one is minus 2, second is another minus 2, third error equals elimination.

Do the math. Subtotal the first page. Subtotal the back page. Take off all the errors, divide by the maximum total points to get the percentage. i.e 142 divided by 240.

Double check the math with another scorer. If alone, add it up differently, backwards or double adding scores up (6+6=12). Check the differences between scoring Dressage and Eventing if scoring an Event or CT event.


Place the class

Filing  system. Be careful class is NOT SPLIT (10 rides first, then another three later). Work on placings as you file to make final placings faster.

Break ties. See above for directions.

Justify every entry. make sure the runners are bring back every entry IN ORDER including all scratches and no shows.

Mark placings on tests.

Send to Awards. Send tests PLUS Awards Test Sheets with a line for riders to sign they have picked up the test sheet and ribbon.

Helping things along. Check to see what is in the box. No score sheets? Where are the runners? Runners should be getting test score sheets every two rides, and after every ride toward the end of the day. For Championship rides, score sheets should come in after EVERY ride.