Introducing Western Dressage Classes!

KDA is proud to announce our support for an exciting and growing area of our sport, Western Dressage. We have decided to add some classes to our Schooling show on August 3rd, 2014 at Masterson Station.


If you would like to learn about the rules and regulations so you can possibly participate, you can view them HERE.


We hope to see you on August 3rd!

Impulsion May/June 2014


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Kearney 5K Race Results 2014

KDA Kearney Cancer 5K
Kentucky Horse Park
Saturday, May 24, 2014
Place    Name      Gender   Age       Time

1  Luis Orta     M         22           15m9.
2 Allison Morgan F    31        16:50:00 0
3 Hiruni Wijayaratne F 23    0:17:49
4 Andrew Duffy M       21       21:05:00 0
5 Rick Showalter M 55 21:52:00 0
6 Chelsea Martin F 27 22:22 0
7 Zack Peterson M 22 22:46 0
8 Jimmy Brannon M 53 23:38 0
9 Sallie Showalter F 54 23:57 0
10 Andy Peterson M 47 24m 1s 0
11 Matthew Robbe M 16 25m 7s
12 Chelsea Diamond F 22 25m 13s
13 Kevin Hoffman M 29 25m 28s
14 Peyton McCubbin F 10 26 9:17:25
15 Barry McCubbin M 36 26 9:17:25
16 Ryan McCune M 37 26m 8s
17 Caroline Schwab F 14 26m 11s
18 Kerry Kimbrough M 38 28m 17s
19 Chelsey Reid F 26 28m 25s
20 Travis Luna M 32 28m 39s
21 Hillary Riedmann F 23 30m 25s
22 David Robbe M 10 30m 32s
23 Krystina Firth F 38 30m 32s
24 Richard Wright M 49 30m 33s
25 Anne Cizadlo F 41 30m 38s
26 John Toher M 66 31m 17s
27 Leslie Potter F 32 31m 50s
28 Jean Culpepper F 30 32m 26s
29 TS Zakowski M 33 32m 27s
30 Christine Zakowski F 35 33m 20s
31 Chris Culpepper M 38 33m 21s
32 Lisa Peterson F 43 33m 36s
33 Veronica Fennelly F 50 33m 54s
34 Nancy Adado F 53 34m 3s
35 Myra Beyer F 55 34m 34s
36 Jessica McCubbin F 34 34m 59s
37 Abigail Schwab F 12 35m 36s
38 Keely Gustin F 20 35m 36s
39 Daniel Prater M 26 36m 30s
40 Alli Shields F 16 38m
41 Zannie Brewer F 33 38m 3s
42 Jill Hoskins F 50 38m 20s
43 Fran Kehr F 62 38m 25s
44 Rebecca Schwab F 42 39m 16s
45 Murong Ma F 28 40m 23s
46 Sarah Smith F 19 41m 1s
47 Jessica Nunley F 23 41m 15s
48 Jean Warner F 65 41m 54s
49 Joy Kimbrough F 35 41m 55s
50 Cana Kidd F 17 42m 5s
51 Casey Henderson F 27 43m 35s
52 Mindy Maxey F 38 44m 47s
53 Carson Love F 21 44m 47s
54 Daniela Shields F 49 44m 54s
55 Jill Love F 61 44m 55s
56 Lisa Kidd F 45 45m 3s
57 Laurie Kelly F 57 45m 41s
58 Katie Gross F 26 45m 42s
59 Emily Cuzick F 11 44m 55s
60 Olivia Ault F 14 47m 31s
61 Delbert Ault M 55 47m 31s
62 R Beasley 64 48m 11s
63 Eileen Maddox F 85 49m 9s
64 Susan Snyder F 47 49m 10s
65 Megan Gibbons F 23 49m 23s
66 Sosy Saffari F 18 50m 52s
67 Lizzie Carney F 18 50m 53s
68 Margaret Kelly F 17 51m 12s
69 Joe Hammons M 32 51m 13s
70 Jenna Hammons F 29 52m 20s
71 Kay Saffari F 53 52m 53s
72 Sandy Lan F 60 57m 29s
73 Jenese Briegel F 37 59m 2s

Impulsion March/April 2014

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Impulsion January/February 2014

January February Impulsion

January February Impulsion


Impulsion November/ December 2013

Here is the download for the November/ December Impulsion!

Cover Image for Nov/Dec 2013 Impulsion Cover

Cover Image for Nov/Dec 2013 Impulsion Cover

Impulsion Sept / Oct

2013 Sept / Oct Impulsion

Kentucky Dressage Association Launches New Website

Lexington, KY (August 27th)- The Kentucky Dressage Association is pleased to announce the launch of a new member-friendly website In addition to providing information on KDA Shows and Clinics, the site now features an electronic version of the KDA Impulsion Newsletter, a blog, photographs from KDA shows and a library of educational articles that will be expanded over the coming months.

“I am very pleased with the updated look of KDA, and proud to announce the unveiling our new website,” said Michelle Morehead, KDA president. “The new site will provide visitors information about KDA, our events, dressage showing tips and highlights from our shows, with professional layout and ease of navigation.  Thanks to Equiseen LLC for leading KDA in this journey.  The new website will help KDA continue to develop and grow into the best GMO it can be.”

Equestrians interested in promoting items for sale in the classified section of the new website, may contact Michelle Morehead for details on placing an advert. Companies interested in joining KDA as a business member or supporting KDA through advertising or sponsoring can visit the website for details.

For more information on Kentucky Dressage Association and the above shows, visit You can also follow KDA at and

The Kentucky Dressage Association, Inc., a 501 (c) (3) non-profit, is a group member organization of the United States Dressage Federation. The purpose of KDA is to promote and strengthen the art and sport of Dressage in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. KDA will provide leadership to its members to assist them in fostering individual and collective growth by providing education, publications, competitions, exhibitions, and increasing general public awareness for Dressage.

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Impulsion July/August 2013

Impulsion June/July Edition