2014 Award Winners


$750 Open Grant Winner –
Laura Burkett

$750 AA Scholarship Winners –
Jennifer Sloan
Julie Cook
Cindy Smith

$750 JR/YR Scholarship Winner –

JR/YR Jacket Presentations

  • Updated Jacket –
  • Training Level Patch-Hannah Addington, Catherine O’Rourke
  • First Level Patch-Catherine O’Rourke
  • Second Level Patch- Catherine O’Rourke, Meredith Talley
  • Third Level Patch-Meredith Talley
  • Intermediare 1- Rebekah Mingari

President’s Cup Award

Given to the single highest percentage ride by a KDA member in good standing at the KDA Annual Spring Show

Winner – Debbie Hill with a 77.6% on Floretienne

Merry Midnight Award

To recognize a member who has contributed the most in a non-rider capacity

Winner – Michelle Morehead

Merry Sunshine Award

To recognize a junior member who has contributed the most in a non-rider capacity

Winner- Alexa Azar

WAAG Memorial Award

Awarded to the highest scoring AA (excluding Intro and Freestyle scores) in memory of Jeff and Julie Cook’s gelding, Waag

Champion -Michelle Morehead  70.403%
Reserve Champion -Samantha Berkhofer- 69.918%
3rd -Sheila Sekala- 69.647%
4th -Jackie Beasley  68.279%%
5th – Madison Selstad 67.905%
6th Catherine Jacob 67.266%

Cloudy Memorial Award
Awarded to the highest scoring Jr (excluding Intro and Freestyle scores) in memory of Jeff and Julie Cook’s pony, Cloudy (average high score)

JR/YR Champion – Alexa Azar  76.052%%
JR/YR Reserve Champion – Callie Jones 72.343%
JR/YR 3rd Place – Meredith Talley 69.858%
JR/YR 4th Place – Catherine O’rouke 68.394%
JR/YR 5th Place – Rebekah Mingari 67.139%
JR/YR 6th Place – Hannah Addington 66.5%


Open Champion – Rebecca Nelles 75.312%
Open Reserve Champion – Ellen Murphy 74.895%
Open 3rd Place – Emily Brollier  73.144%
Open 4th Place – Susan Posner 73.144%
Open 5th Place – Laura Corsentino  72.988%
Open 6th Place – Susan Harris 72.536%

PUGSLEY MEMORIAL DRESSAGE PONY AWARD– Awarded to the highest scoring (average score) pony (excluding intro and freestyle scores) in memory of Lisa Dean’s pony Puglsey.  Pugsley was rescued from an auction in 2002 as a stallion, and was gelded and ended up with Lisa to train.  They formed an incredibly strong bond, and he started showing dressage under Lisa at recognized dressage shows.  He showed at the first ever pony cup, and had much success there with Lisa. This award is in memory of Puglsey.

Champion- Kristin Posner


Champion – Wisconsin  Cara Kettenbach  76.036%
Reserve – Simple Red  Cara Kettenbach 75.493%
3rd-Whimzical Princess Jeri Fuller-Matheny  75.4%
4th- Barcelona SP  Cara Kettenbach 73.1%
5th  Christorose  Cara Kettenbach 72.525%
6th Double Fantacy  Cara Kettenbach 70.383%


Champion – Habana  Cindy Smith  78.75%
Reserve – Figawi 121  Cara Kettenbach  77.925%
3rd– Wolkenzana 121 Cara Kettenbach  77.769%
4th– Floristdanzo 121 Cara Kettenbach 76.243%
5th– Rabinna 121 Cara Kettenbach 75.383%
6th- Barretta Woods 121 Cara Kettenbach  75.383


Champion -Rose CCF  Charlotte’s Creek Farms  78.825%


Champion – Susan Posner 73.144%
Reserve Champion– Susan Harris 72.536%
3rd  – Michelle Morehead 70.403%
4th– Cathie Fergus-Watson  68.499%
5th- Jackie Beasley 68.279%
6th- Catherine Jacob  67.266%

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