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Email KDAvolunteers@gmail.com with dates, times and positions you are interested in for our upcoming shows.
Guidelines for submitting KDA Volunteer Hours

KDA members please review the information below on how to submit your volunteer hours.  It is up to each member to submit the hours they have worked at a KDA event.

 Show Volunteer Staff Hour Guidelines

KDA relies on the work of volunteer show staff to produce the show and educational events that benefit both members and the horse community at large. These events wouldn’t happen without KDA’s wonderful volunteer show staff!

KDA members are asked to give 8 hours of volunteer time to KDA sponsored activities to be eligible for-

  • Year-end awards
  • AA Scholarships
  • Open Grant
  • Jr/Yr scholarships


Members wishing to qualify for year-end awards or apply for KDA grants or scholarships must complete their volunteer hours between October 1st-September 30th of the show year and submit the completed Volunteer Credit Documentation form to the address on the form.


Volunteering details-

  • All 8 volunteer hours must be from a KDA run show, clinic, or sponsored event.
  • Recruit new members (1 hour per new member—new member defined as someone who has never been a KDA member or someone who has not been a member 5 or more years).
  • Solicit sponsors for any KDA Show totaling $300 and do not request a free stall at the show (earns 4 hours). All sponsorships go to Michelle Morehead for approval—to avoid duplicating sponsor contacts.
  • Write an article that gets published in Impulsion (2 hours of credit). The article must be approved by the editorial board and be a minimum of 750 words. (Cannot use articles written for scholarships or educational grants)
  • Design and conduct an educational seminar/workshop for KDA members. Credit given as follows: 1 hour seminar = 1.5 hours credit; 2 hour seminar = 3 hours credit; 3 or more hours seminar = 4 hours credit.
  • Active participation for a year on either the KDA Board or a KDA Committee. See KDA By Laws or and Policies and Procedures for other official committees.
  • Two hours may be earned per $75 of merchandise or services donated to a KDA fund raising effort (with a maximum of 4 hours per year). These must be approved by Michelle Morehead.

A maximum of 4 hours may be donated to a rider for the purposes of year end awards ( this  will go into effect for the 2014/2015 KDA awards program)

* Other activities may qualify as needed or approved by the Board of Directors. Check with Michelle Morehead.

Submitting KDA Volunteer Hours

KDA committee members or the KDA Volunteer Coordinator may submit hours to Allison Deaton after an event, but it is ultimately up to the member to make sure all of their hours are submitted.
The submitted hours will be recorded, posted and updated on the website monthly.  KDA members need volunteer hours to apply for scholarships, grants and year end awards.   Hours maybe be submitted to Allison in two ways-
1-Download, complete and mail the Volunteer Credit Form above to Allison.
2-Emailing the following information to Allison and the KDA member in charge of the event you worked, and including the following information-
Your name-
KDA event you volunteered at-
Date volunteered-
Job performed-
Hours worked-
This information must be emailed to the KDA member in charge of the event and Allison, the KDA member in charge of the event will approve the volunteer hours listed via an email response to both parties.  This email response is Allison’s confirmation. Please type “KDA Volunteer Hour Submission,”  in the subject line of your email.
KDA Committee Head email addresses- 
Volunteer Hour Recorder
Allison Deaton include on all emails- allisondeaton@me.com
Sheila Woerth-swoerth@twc.com
Sandy Kraatz-kdavolunteers@gmail.com
Michelle Morehead-ma.morehead@yahoo.com
Cindy Smith- ckrupasmith@hughes.net
Bill Kraatz-bkraatz@fuse.net
Kelly Azar-Kelzar@comcast.net
Volunteer hours are earned between October 1st  thru September 30th. If you have any questions please email Allison.